Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am finally going to go check out downtown SF boutique Shotwell tonight; I'm a bit behind the game on this one I will admit. I have read some yelp reviews making bad accusations like :

".....when I fall in love with a pair of boots and buy them for $150, i DO NOT WANT to find the SAME EXACT BOOT (same brand, same box, same everything),a week later at a cheap Forever 21 knockoff store where they're selling them in piles off the floor for $39.00!!...!!!!" - sha n.


"I found the exact same trenchcoat at Indie Industries for $84 vs. Shotwell's $125" - Laura R.

Booooo! Not what I want to hear. At all. However, they have so many 5 star ratings I can't *not* check them out. Even if they are "yelp" 5 star ratings. Maybe I'll let you know what happens.

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