Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Finds

First let me say, I think I showed remarkable restraint yesterday by not getting button popping, jelly in the bowl full at Thanksgiving dinner. I have a history of hurting myself when it comes to turkey day as I suppose most do.
What is not as remarkable, is the restraint I showed today while participating in the carnage that is black Friday, all up and down a bustling Haight street. One reason that I am the looking lass, is that I was taught to be insanely discerning and patient while shopping for clothing. As a kid whose back-to-school daze were filled with endless plastic Mervyn's hangers and the fluorescent isles of Marshall's, I learned the value of a really good deal early in life. Because of this, I am known to be an endless window shopper who appreciates the chase just as much as the catch. I can peruse for hours, consider for days, and mull for months. So, it doesn't surprise me that I was able to purchase the entire contents of this post for a mere $150. I have a lot of practice finding the most bang for my buck and today it paid off handsomely as it sometimes does.
I would also like to point out that I had $200 to spend from my mother-in-law, so just as I do much better in poker tournaments where I buy in for $60 and get to play with 1000 "dollars", I was feeling the freedom of spending gifted money which also helps.
Inspired by Susie Bubble's color challenge, I focused on adding some color to my life today and the selection above resulted. My favorite find was the teal and navy vintage sling backs....
However! Lest you think I am straying from my blah pallet that I have spoken of in prior posts, rest your peepers on these beauties:

Compelling stuff, I know! But what closet is complete without a creamy white Theory blouse and a grey perforated leather skirt by Costume National; especially when the price is so so right.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shotwell Redux

This pretty much describes my feelings for Shotwell.
Um, click here

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am finally going to go check out downtown SF boutique Shotwell tonight; I'm a bit behind the game on this one I will admit. I have read some yelp reviews making bad accusations like :

".....when I fall in love with a pair of boots and buy them for $150, i DO NOT WANT to find the SAME EXACT BOOT (same brand, same box, same everything),a week later at a cheap Forever 21 knockoff store where they're selling them in piles off the floor for $39.00!!...!!!!" - sha n.


"I found the exact same trenchcoat at Indie Industries for $84 vs. Shotwell's $125" - Laura R.

Booooo! Not what I want to hear. At all. However, they have so many 5 star ratings I can't *not* check them out. Even if they are "yelp" 5 star ratings. Maybe I'll let you know what happens.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ladies of the Lane, Maiden, that is.

I loved the way my two friends Soumeya and Catherine looked together this weekend when we were shopping for Lainya's wedding dress. This is what real SF style is all about. Amazing vintage finds paired with every day staples.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Riding Boots, Brown, 6.5

This fall, all I wanted were some brown riding boots and an awesome charm bracelet. It is now closing in on Thanksgiving, and what do I have? Nothing. A lot more sweaters. I know exactly why this happened, but I will let it happen again and again. First I get the thought in my head that I want some flat riding boots. But they have to be brown. Not just any brown mind you, but a nice warm tobacco. Not some flat chocolate or taupe variety, no sir. Well "what is tobacco?" you wonder. Let me tell you: at this point it is so fetishized in my mind EVEN I DON'T KNOW. I think one person used that word to describe the color on Etsy, and I am so disheartened by the fact that those boots got away from me while I hemmed and hawed that I will stop at nothing to find that color again.
So then I decide that they can't just be plain, they have to have some kind of detail around the ankle like a buckle or a braid (see two pairs above that I have had on my favorites list for a few months now). But the buckle is too plain looking and the braid has these little pointy ends that remind me of a cheap cowgirl costume. I just can't pull the trigger.
Same thing with the charm bracelets. I think vintage charm bracelets are so special because each little piece tells a story. I've come across Avon themed ones, golf ones, gold ones from the sisterhood, camp souvenirs, estate good luck charms, you name it. Maybe that is the problem, they just don't feel like mine. Who wants to steal someone else's story to make it their own? Someone out there please make me my very own charm bracelet! And, yes, I will know if it came from Betsey Johnson, I have spent plenty of time looking at those too.

Friday, November 20, 2009

These Shoes, This Watch

When I was little, my parents let me pick out my clothes. I would pull out all of my selections the night before, laying them on the carpet in the shape of a body. Striped leggings, plaid tops, heart print socks, and sometimes ropes of plastic beads and scores of baby barrettes. I'd snuggle into my bed satisfied, knowing I would be putting my best sneaker forward in the morning.
These days I opt for a softer pallet. I obsess over one or two pieces at a time, and expect them to carry each and every outfit. Like this clear-banded Ike watch or these vintage Gucci loafers with bamboo detailing. These items will carry me through months of wearing greys, blacks and whites in knits, cottons and wools.
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