Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Finds

First let me say, I think I showed remarkable restraint yesterday by not getting button popping, jelly in the bowl full at Thanksgiving dinner. I have a history of hurting myself when it comes to turkey day as I suppose most do.
What is not as remarkable, is the restraint I showed today while participating in the carnage that is black Friday, all up and down a bustling Haight street. One reason that I am the looking lass, is that I was taught to be insanely discerning and patient while shopping for clothing. As a kid whose back-to-school daze were filled with endless plastic Mervyn's hangers and the fluorescent isles of Marshall's, I learned the value of a really good deal early in life. Because of this, I am known to be an endless window shopper who appreciates the chase just as much as the catch. I can peruse for hours, consider for days, and mull for months. So, it doesn't surprise me that I was able to purchase the entire contents of this post for a mere $150. I have a lot of practice finding the most bang for my buck and today it paid off handsomely as it sometimes does.
I would also like to point out that I had $200 to spend from my mother-in-law, so just as I do much better in poker tournaments where I buy in for $60 and get to play with 1000 "dollars", I was feeling the freedom of spending gifted money which also helps.
Inspired by Susie Bubble's color challenge, I focused on adding some color to my life today and the selection above resulted. My favorite find was the teal and navy vintage sling backs....
However! Lest you think I am straying from my blah pallet that I have spoken of in prior posts, rest your peepers on these beauties:

Compelling stuff, I know! But what closet is complete without a creamy white Theory blouse and a grey perforated leather skirt by Costume National; especially when the price is so so right.

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