Friday, December 11, 2009

doilies, doilies, everywhere!

I love looking at design blogs, especially Design*Sponge and Decor8, both of which have been proponents of doilies for some time now. I saw one here, another there, and before I knew it I started seeing doilies everywhere! It's even inspired me to consider bringing my crochet hooks out of retirement and making some doilies of my own to use as clothing and hair accessories, for home decor, and for gift wrapping (favorite use I've seen so far). What can I say? Grandma's back in style!

Here are some awesome examples:

1. doilies to dress up simple gift wrapping (from Decor8)

2. little dwarves dancing among snowflake doilies (from Elisabeth Dunker's awesome blog, Fine Little Day)

3. a doily-inspired rug (from Decor8)

4. a doily-adorned scarf (from anthropologie)

5. another doily rug (created by ladies + gentlemen via Design*Sponge)

6. i so want this doily throw! (from Decor8)

7. doily pillows (by LAMA)

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